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Based in San Diego, CA, WallyTranPhotography, LLC is a photography business helping couples feel their most fabulous on their wedding day. From weddings, engagements and portraits to graduations pictures, your dreams are sure to come true with my passion in photography.

How do I keep my passion of photography going? 
Every time my clients said:
"Wow! That looks amazing"
"I love that photo"
"I want a big print with that photo"
"You made us feel comfortable during the photoshoot"
"I didn't know photoshoot could be so fun"

"We appreciate every moment of our wedding day through your photos"

"Wally is a joy to work with and he made everyone look beautiful"
That's what keep me going knowing my clients will treasure my photos for a lifetime.

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Contact Me

Wally Hòa 619-727-7823

 Instagram #wtranphotography 

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